Shree Sharda Realcon & Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Green World

At Shree Sharda we believe the earth is our ‘Mother’ literally. Through our projects we ensure that we develop and enrich the communities. All our projects planning are based on one simple concept – ‘Building Smart, Thinking Green’. We are well aware of the damage done to the environment through the various irrational projects and indiscriminate wastage of the precious natural resources.

This is where we strive to differ from other builders; we have embraced Green Building that causes minimal damage to the environment.

Our expert planning and efficient executions are always in line with our vision to create a healthy and vibrant community.


At Shree Sharda it is our integral policy to work towards creating a better and safer environment for the people in all communities where we work. Through our meticulously planned and executed building projects we strive to enrich the community. We have based our business on the concept of ‘smart building and sustainable development’. This philosophy not only saves environment but also has proved to be good for our business.

By adopting a smart growth building and executing it in even better way with the use of the best green technological system available, we ensure our clients get a healthy and vibrant community. At Shree Sharda we firmly believe ‘the community growth is our growth’ and we leave no stone unturned to preserve our building values.